Axel Benassis

Faim Magazine

Faim Magazine is a project co-created with Naiara Reig, Editor-in-Chief.
We conceived of this magazine as a way to give a voice to an ambitious generation with their eyes on the future.
Each issue takes a look at a different city, its people and their projects.

Faim #2 = Bristol, UK.
Designed and implemented the brand identity of the entire magazine, as well as the website and promotional issues, both static and animated.

128 pages of offset paper
Printed in CMYK + Pantone Neon (7466u)
Available in 2 versions:
French/English & Spanish/English.

Promotional animation for social networks.

Artistic Director and Co-Founder: Axel Benassis.
Director, Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder: Naiara Reig.
Typography: Montserrat, Muli and Libre Baskerville.
Photographs: Aranxa Esteve, Aglaé Rochette and Thomas Martin.
Illustrations: SuperLoup and Aglaé Rochette.

The file

A focus
on branding