Axel Benassis

Font family
La Lumette

La Lumette is a family of typefaces for which time stopped moving long ago.

La Lumette
is a redesign of the typography used on matchbox labels made by the SEITA corporation in the mid-20th century.

La Lumette Print,
is a typography that corrects imperfections linked to printing La Lumette in a small size.

La Lumette Stencil
conjures to mind a weathering effect on vinyl letters, such as you might find on an old shopfront.

La Lumette Vinyle
in contrast to La Lumette Stencil, this font evolves with time and experiences the weathering effect on its curves, contorting itself into new shapes.

La Lumette was used in the brand identity of the Paradox
and in the Adécédaire de la Philuménie.
More information can be found on the website of La Perruque.

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A focus
on branding