Axel Benassis


Axel Benassis

I am Axel BENASSIS, Artistic Director and freelance Graphic Designer.

I create simple, recognizable images with popular design. They create a communication that us close to their users and visually relay the message that we have defined together. Available in the form of visual identities, typographies, websites, posters, magazines, etc., these media supports will transform a complex idea into a coherent and unique communication.
Such as:

Visual identities
Editorial design
Motion Design
Posters, etc.

As a freelance, I have notably been able to work for agencies or clients such as:

étapes: magazine
Publicis Luxe
La Tour d'Argent
Stanton Wallace
Des Signes
Archytas Conseil
Piaton & Associés
YSL Beauty
Ode à la Rose
La Tarte au Carré
Kids & Co
Los Vascos
Provost Automobiles
Le Spiil

Analyze, understand and transmit

My attraction for ephemeras and especially for old matchbox labels, which I have collected and analyzed since 2013, has accompanied me in my desire to create clear and direct images. The studies I carried out on the subject thus took the form of writings (a printed thesis, publications on the Strabiic site), presentations (a didactic conference for the University of Brest, a typographical conference for the review La Perruque in Brussels), visual creations ((La Lumette, l’Abécédaire de la Philuménie) or even boxes filled with matchboxes under my desk.

Know how to support you in your project

In 2017, I was able to co-create the independent magazine Faim. This project allowed me to better understand the constraints and needs of those who undertake. Conceiving a project from A to Z can seem insurmountable, which is why it is important to surround yourself with passionate and qualified people, who will put the odds on your side. And because today any project must be coherent between what it is and the way it communicates, I would be delighted to accompany you on your own project or those of your agency.